a few little things i found.....

so i like a lot of odd things and if i see something in a magazine i tend to cut it out and stick it up on the wall. now i have 2 drawers full of these treasures and i had to cull them, sometimes there is a line that has to be drawn before you
wake up and realise you are a hoarder. anyway, i came across a few things that i loved and i found links to share so you may love them too.

firstly, its hennie henworth a super talented london based illustrator. i love her use of color, and her sketches of everything from cupcakes to pens bring a little joy to your day.

i am also crazy for stationery. maybe its from when i was a kid and was always dying for a letter, who knows. in any case i love the cards and invites by poppies for grace and even though i make my own stationery i can't seem to stop myself buying their treasures

also a lovely site i found was by lisa who is a graphic designer and stationery maven who makes some pf the sweetest design and invites i have ever seen! her studio good on paper is producing some really unique and fantastic work so take a peek ;)

oh and i just thought i would share my latest achievement - baking a pavlova from scratch with my sister! it was for my grandad's 79th and it was quite a hit :)