5 things....

so my friend sent me this on an email and i thought i would share it here partially because I like to share and because i am a sucker for these. plus the number 5 is my fave:

5 things i was doing 10 years ago:
one. riding my bike around the church carpark opposite my house
two. wearing scrunchies
three. having sleep overs and pizza nights with the girls
four. drawing to avoid my year 7 homework
five. quoting lines from clueless 'as if'

*5 things i was doing 5 years ago:
one. loving being a second year at uni
two. hating being a second year at uni
three. doing all nighters to get meaingless projects done
four. having an amazing summer away
five. probably dancing & drinking too many girly drinks

*5 snacks i enjoy:
one. chocolate
two. my homemade pizza's - yummmy
three. cruskits with avo + semi dried tomatoes
four. clinkers ...which colour will it be!
five. cupcakes when i get to make them

*5 things i did yesterday:
one. made cards to send to angela
two. saw forgetting sarah marshall at the movies
three. laughed so hard at the movie i lost my voice
four. hung out with my grandad
five. walked around the park

*5 things i would do if i had a million dollars:
one. go on a long holiday around the world
two. give money to all my friends and family
three. buy a car that works
four. maybe buy a cool new york style loft haha but in melbourne
five. a new stereo

*5 tv shows i like:
one. how i met your mother
two. veronica mars
three. brothers & sisters
four. gilmore girls
five. americas next top model {holla!}

*5 things i hate doing:
one. job interviews
two. packaging cards
three. listening to carp radio
four. going to the supermarket
five. dumplings

*5 biggest joys of the moment:
one. making cards
two. that my mums renos are nearly done!
three. my yellow shoes
four. getting together with my posse for friday night drinks
five. doing what i love