sometimes you do, sometimes you don't

it's pretty easy to stay inside when its literally blowing a gale, a fred and a whole array of cats and dogs. so keeping that in mind i have had a couple of days of hard work which has been nice but a little frustrating. especially when my computer, printer and sewing machine all decided to chuck tantrums. thankfully all the kids are back in working order and i am really happy with all the work i pumped out. i even had a little all nighter in there which let me tell you is no where near as fun as it was when i was at uni. in archi studies they are kind of common place and always seem to involve a lot of chocolate, music and a little hysteria. i had the hysteria and music to motivate me but i had forgetton about the shakes and floaty feeling you get at 3am when your body is screaming seriously go to bed. in anycase, i got the work done which sometimes you do, sometimes you don't.

here is a sneak peek:

they will be for sale soon but i will fill you in on that later!
i am graduating tomorrow as well so wish me luck!