truth.be.told exclusive to leeloo.com.au!

hello lovelies! i love mondays and today is especially awesome i can tell everyone finally my stationery is available on leeloo.com.au to buy! so go shout it from the mountain tops that people should go look (and buy!) not only because its my stuff + i am beyond excited but because leeloo has amazing stuff from gorgeous designers such as art4friends, my charlie girl & tabitha emma among many many others who are doing what they love and it makes the product a little more special i think. i'm going to have a celebratory drink:) fiona sewn gift card

madeline sewn gift card

nikki sewn gift card

arabella gift tag set

my dear madeline stationery set

there is much much more on there so go have a peek!

also i just found out i have a stockist in perth! but more on that later