look who loves truth.be.told

so today little truth.be.told has been feeling alot of love. its so amazing to have people saying sweet things about you at the best of times & to be honest a little bit of praise goes along way to keeping this little lass motivated & feeling like maybe this is the right thing to be doing.

so i thought it was only far to return the love in the process :

firstly, angela at leeloo had these truly sweet things to say & gave my may markets a nice little plug in the process. angela has been beyond supportive & i absolutely love having some exclusive designs available through her absolutley amazing online shopping site leeloo.com.au

this is what the lovely angela had to say:

"The world is a better place because of pretty things. Often these things are made on beautiful bits of paper. One of the best ways to find something beautiful on paper is to purchase a hand-made gift card, gift tag or stationery set created by the utterly gorgeous Jess of truth.be.told.

Jess has recently graduated as an architect, but at Leeloo, we think life might have other plans for her! For all of your lucky lovelies that live in Melbourne (or are there on said dates!), you can head along to see her at some upcoming local markets, including the designers treasure trove at Rose Street (see flyer in the post below for dates and details). Make sure you also say hi to Cat Davison when you’re there! "

and then what do you know i see my lovely juliet print on the madeit homepage! juliet is one of my fave ladies i have ever drawn, i even have a printed set up on my wall so there is an endorsement for you! and madeit has well made it so easy to sell my work through an aussie site!

so go visit madeit & leeloo because these two lovely sites are really helping out young designers like myself & deserve your love too xx