on my desk, pretty dresses & a market to go to

well i have been a little busy (& as a result sleepy) from work this week so here is what is on my desk (a few days late). and its actually my dresser, my desk is a little dusty. i love this dresser mainly because of the mirror.
on my dresser .... cute rainbow mittens, my ipod, cds, glass boxes
and some knick knacks and photos

and......here are my new to me depression glass box & my so so so cute shopping basket! i love coloured glass & have built up a little collection which is slowly running out of places to go.
and if you are in melbourne, take a stroll down to myer bourke street and take a look at what those windows have to offer at the moment. each window has a different dress featured in perfume commercials for dior (above), vera wang, and that pink chanel dress too. its amazing to see them up close, it made my friday

well i'm off to the design festival this weekend & again if you are in Melbourne stop in at the market at fed sq tomorrow. have a good one guys xx