on my desk

so my desk really hasn't had much love lately so i thought i would share a picture of what was on my desk exactly a year ago.

this time last year i was still at uni just starting my design thesis and well, this is my desk at uni covered in all manner of things. i was deisgning a gallery & artists studios and well, the way i work i have now decided is maybe just a little manic. my pinboard was literally covered with inspiration, a lot of which i have kept and transferred to the studio at home.

so this is what is on my old desk:

: museum + gallery books
: graphics & fashion magazines
: tool box full to the brim of pens & pencils
: my mac book pippi
: models of my site on the right (i made over 30 by the end)
: my little snow globe man 'bowie'
: loads of string and paper

last year was really stressful but i really miss it now because it was basically a year of being with my friends everyday, getting to be as creative as i wanted and just lots of fun really.