six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about me

well i was tagged by the lovely honor and anna to share a few somewhat uninteresting things with you all.
so here it goes:

1. i don't like mushrooms. they squeek when you cut them and it just sort of freaks me out. also there was an episode in round the twist when i was a kid where they had yellow spots and exploded. it sort of put me off

2. i had a rainbow brite cake for my 5th birthday. it was awesome

3. reality tv show make me a supermodel is my guilty pleasure. its sad, i know but i am a sucker for those model shows

4. i have 17 red pencils which are pretty much all the same shade.

5. i don't like coffee

6. i got my first and only parking ticket two weeks ago. not happy

as for tagging, i think most people have beaten me to it but if you would like to be tagged, just comment and let me know so i can check out your reponses