lovely spring music

i've had a strange week this week with a few days at the races and just generally sunning myself in this lovely springy melbourne weather we have been having. and it got me thinking, its time to change my playlist. i have a lot of music and i have a playlist for pretty much every mood or event or thought really. so, spring sun seemed like a good idea for a playlist. i tried making a mix tape but it isn't happening for me! so here are the stars so to speak :

josh pyke - chimneys afire
faves - the summer + make you happy

lenka - lenka
faves - knock knock, the show + anything i'm not
(actually the whole thing is pretty much amazing )

famous + naked - serenade

holly throsby - a loud call
faves - a heart divided + a widows song

kate miller heidke - curiouser
fave - caught in the crowd

lisa mitchell - neopolitan dreams

vampire weekend - a-punk

end of fashion - fussy

if anyone else has any spring time faves please share them! i love finding new little musical gems

image from lenka.com.au