before & after

i've been feeling a touch disorganised of late. maybe because i can't find anything and that just isn't a good thing when you are madly trying to pack & make orders at 3am. and it probably doesn't help when you are literally rotating items off your desk into piles on the floor or couch. 

so, finally i have gotten my studio organised. and i am so so so pleased with the results i actually almost wept a little earlier. and to think all it took was 2 days & two visits to ikea! but seriously, it finally feels like my space & not a glorified storage unit. 
so take a peak at the pics below,i couldn't resist sharing.  
have a good easter sweet ones xxx


the shambles that was my work area, which was double as a storage area! 


the newly painted table & my wall 

the first of my teacup collection to be put to good use 
the extremely ordered workspace!
more of my new work area, including the lovely drawers i put together from ikea - no jokes it has 75 screws

a close up of the wall

my teacups & workspaces