it's super cold here in melbourne town today. all foggy + almost like brigadoon, i am fully expecting gene kelly to come dancing down my street some time soon - that's the level of fog i am talking about. i like it, everything seems almost ethereal in this light. fog is the only thing i like about winter i think. 
i thought i would share some lovely music i found whilst trying to keep warm this morning. 
so pull on your mittens and check out these simply lovely songs:

megan washington is amazing - i saw her opening for the grates a few weeks ago and quite simply was blown away. check out the clip for clementine + listen to my fave fred astaire.

ingrid michaelson
those who stop by regularly will know i heart this american gal's music in a big way so it is no surprise that two new songs from her (which you can hear here) are already in my top five. 

joshua radin
paperweight is one of my all time favourtite songs and this lovely song sky is certainly a very sweet song that i already can't get out of my head.

florence + the machine
there aren't words, its just awesome so go check them out here

happy sunday xx