i heart adventureland

i saw adventureland today. i was pretty sure i was going to like it, i mean why else fork out $17 to see it otherwise? but i didn't just like it -  i loved it so much i would actually consider forking out another$17 to see it again. and i loved it for so many reasons but here are 7 that sort of sum up why (well sort of):

1. jesse eisenberg (who is the lead) is amazing 
2. i want to move to new york because its the answer too
3. don't dream it's over by crowded house is in the movie. it's one of my favourite songs
4. i like adventure parks that are sort of crap and rigged
5. em (played so amazingly by kristen stewart) is so broken and so much like me i was actually shocked
6. sometimes the right person for you is the one who hurts you the most, that's the 'lesson' for the movie and one i keep forgetting
7. it's funny - bill hader + kristen wiig are in it for goodness sake!

so you should see it.