4 days of awesomeness

so i've been on a countdown to awesomeness. I know this sounds strange. but my super dooper chief peep + bestie inspired me with her 6 weeks to awesomeness challenge so i tagged on basically. really all we were trying to do was just be better and life and make things happen. now there are 4 days left and i think we have done pretty well. she is off to costa rica and travelling for 6 months which is awesome. i have the opening of once upon tomorrow night (YAY!!) and we have had a pretty fun six weeks in general i would say in comparisoon to normal. the challenge ends on sunday which also happens to be my birthday so i will be celebrating no matter what

so I am heading to Sydney very very early in the morning for the Once Upon opening night and I am so so excited. If you are in town stop in