s n a p h a p p y

i like the idea of holidays. the resting, doing all those things you haven't had time to do all year. well i am on a week long holiday this week and well, i have been doing all the things i meant to get around to but never did. in the last two days i have redecorated the house. i even weeded the garden today, and i hate gardening. so tomorrow i am planning on starting my new 'i'm going bonkers - H E L P!' prevention project. i am going to hit the streets and take some pictures. explore my newish neighbourhood. that sort of thing. and i'll share it with you soon. i feel like i need a fresh start for the new year and well this is the beginning of that i guess. i always feel like i can see things more clearly through my camera lense and at the moment i could use some in spades.