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both photos by me using my diana mini

i'm bad at defining what i want. maybe i want to much. maybe i am afraid of failing or following the wrong path so i follow no path at all, or at least it feels like it sometimes. I think maybe it comes from a lifetime of indecision and being too easily distracted by what others think. 2010 feels a little different. i am trying to get my ducks all lined up in a row so to speak. and i have been thinking the best way to start is to reflect on last year. i came across a lovely list on much love. anna has a lovely blog which i am sure you have checked out so stop on by. what are your plans ?

things i loved in 2009......
moving into my own place + feeling at home
rediscovering that i can have love for many things creatively that aren't what people expect me to
going to sydney a few times with lovely people and discovering there is so much out there
booking my flights to the USA
being part of my first real honest to goodness amazing exhibition 
dressing up like an idiot and realising that i have the best friends on the planet 
spontaneous moments of luck like seeing john mayer + meeting a boy who made me look to the future

things i didn't love so much in 2009.....
giving up too easily on my dreams because someone said it wasn't a good fit

being let down by someone who knew better
oh more trivially all the crap crap music that flooded the radio - hearing a 12 year old girl request sexy biatch? huh?

one thing i love right now......
my new photography challenge
my new design ideas + realising failures lead to kind of success
experimenting with fashion and having fun
realising no one is watching and that is ok

i am looking forward to in 2010......
going to the USA for a month in May
making sure i am happy
seeing the tim burton exhibition when it hits Melbourne next June
Signing up for fashion classes so i can actually know what i am doing
dancing drinking sangria and being generally silly at any opportunity
saying yes without thinking of saying no first