truth // i like moments of bliss

moments of bliss are few and far between. i mean true moments of joy where you just kind of feel like you are glowing. its rare, well at least for me. so when i catch myself in moment of true bliss and happiness i am always taken aback and in the same moment treasure it. i found myself feeling this exact way last night when i was watching laura marling at the corner hotel.  i haven't been truly content like that in i don't know how long. she is stunningly talented. seriously, if don't already love her, go and listen to her because she is an amazing songwriter with a truly beautiful voice. and she was joined by the rather dapper marcus of mumford and sons who is also ridiculously talented (playing 3 instruments at once anyone?). i was literally swooning over him, sort of embarrassing but completely justified. above are a few photos i took from my front row possie. oh and check out the support act too - boy and bear - they are a rather talented little foursome.