sweet sunday finds

my finds

gorgeous plate - i love the autumn leaves!

my trip travel book, with the most hilarious message ever

lovely wedding photos - i can't believe people give these up

today was my first weekend off being at rose street for the year and i did miss it. so what does one do when they have a day off from holding their own market stall? well go to another market of course. so i went to camberwell market to visit my friend who had a stall. for those of you not from melbourne the camberwell market is pretty awesome. i love searching through the stalls and being surrounded by the crazy people haggling over items that are only a dollar. its a pretty entertaining day out. plus there are jam doughnuts. yum. anyway, i thought i would share with you the gems i found. i got a super cute 50's style gingham apron, a lovely dollie, a pretty nice plate and a little blue glass bottle. but my fave finds for the day were the old photographs (how gorgeous!) and the my trip book, mainly for the funny message on the outside telling her friend to she hope she finds a man on her trip, its from 1968 but i thought it was pretty apt with my upcoming trip. and all for $20. lovely.