gorgeous shops + a new look

image from orlando + ivy

how gorgeous is this store? orlando and ivy just opened up in north melbourne at the start of march this year. i discovered it when i was out wandering on my lunch break and i as so glad i did. they stock amazing art, design and all manner of other irresistible bits and bobs. plus the store is gorgeous - seriously i had to walk out the first time i went in because i had serious pangs of jealously because it is everything i want my shop to be when i open it one day. i have gotten the jealously under control and been back. and you should go visit too and check out there website.  

orlando and ivy 424 victoria street north melbourne 

you may also have noticed i have done a little spring cleaning around here + merged my blog and my website. so now this is your one stop shop for all things truth be told
i hope you like the new look 

EDIT :: I also now have an etsy store 'yay' - pop over here and check it out