stuff and nonsense

i have a cold which isn't ideal. i do feel like i have been run over by the sniffles truck today and have spent the day curled up in a ball with a never ending supply of orange juice and warm water with lemon to help me break the cold. not sure it is working. 

on the bright side i did have a super weekend. wanna see what i did? 

ok .......

i picked up the new angus + julia stone album down the way on friday night. you should too. and gosh it's unreal. my faves so far are and the boys +  black crow. just dreamy. and i get to see them next week. 'swoon'

i went to drop off a heap of new goodies at fannyz - a pretty sweet boutique across the river at 174 chapel street windsor. drop in and say hi to pippa and pick up some of my prints, one of a kind cards & other goodies. i also stopped into the salvos on chapel and picked up some super glasses and dishes which i am making into more of these lovely cake stands which i think i will bring along to rose street this weekend. what do you think?

all of these lovelies for $12!

 and one of the finished platters

i then visited the new shop curious little oyster which stocks lots of amazing goodies from lovely people like twin set  and shadow theatre among many many others. its the sweetest little shop ever and i will absolutely be returning soon. If you are in Melbourne stop in and say hello ( 776 High St | Thornbury)

any place with outdoor furniture + amazing tile details is the place for me. oh and the food kicks butt too

then i spent the day exploring my fave area - northcote. gosh i love exploring the area around my home. 
tips for visitors : 

:: go to the estelle for lunch - sooooooo good
:: see some lovely art - i saw catherine campbell's latest show at kick gallery. stunning. 
:: checkout the great shoppes in the area in the woods +  dear gladys

i also went to costco with my mum. this was by no means NOT the highlight of my weekend. it is crazy. 5L bottles of windex. and kayaks in the same aisle. I am still recovering from the super size me style of this place. i did get a 8 kg pack of baking soda and 5L of vinegar for $6 total though so i am set for lots of earth friendly cleaning 

oh and then i baked a yummy strawberry butter cake with smashed strawberry topping. it may have turned out a little smaller than i expected, not that i had anything to do with that off course :) 

hope you had a nice weekend too xx