new york, new york

well finally i have managed to sift through my 4000+ photos - bless digital cameras! - and pulled together some gems for you. i have selected just a few highlights for you from each of the cities and some of my fave memories + places i visited. so to start..... new york city

first day wandering manhattan & spotting the chrysler building, one of my favourites when i studied architecture

grand central station - honestly one of the most beautiful spaces i have seen.

moma - my fave nyc gallery

manhattan - simply breath taking

part of the highline, a beautiful park using the old train lines and creating gardens & green space elevated above the street

statue of liberty

domino sugar factory in brooklyn that we saw when we walked  into manhattan

subway art

rowing in central park - so much fun

breakfast at tiffanys

sweet lemon tart at our favourite cafe in Bushwick, Brooklyn - the wyckoff starr

so obviously i loved NYC. Seriously, i still have little pangs of sadness that I am not there right now. Everyone told me before I left that it would be overwhelming and crazy and people are OTT but I found it the opposite - yes it is OTT, yes there are a lot of people but I just felt like I was at home. Too many amazing things but here are my faves:

1. galleries galleries galleries - We did them all but MoMA was my personal fave and seeing the Guggenheim pretty much took my breath away

2. Central Park - honestly I loved going here everyday. We had stunning weather so we spent a lot of time walking, lunching and exploring this amazing place. We even went rowing - if you go to NYC you have to do this! 

3. we were staying in Brooklyn and one day walked from Williamsburg (which was AMAZING) across the bridge to Manhattan and explored the Lower East Side, Nolita, Greenwich Village & Soho. Walking in my opinion was the best way to actually see what this city was about - we came across the most amazing little pockets. 

4. Doing the movie thing - we had breakfast at Tiffanys, i danced on the piano at Fao Schwartz like tom hanks in big. It was pretty awesome

5. Empire State Building at dusk - we had the best of both worlds - it is just an amazing view. Yes the crowds suck but seriously I loved it anyway. 

So tomorrow I will give you a West Coast breakdown, hope you enjoy this little slice of NYC!