i heart radishes

i heart radishes. 

well the unbelieveably spiffy store in Portland, Oregon Radish Underground to be exact.  

And why do you love a store on the other side of the planet I hear you ask? Well I will tell you....

You see when I was away on my American Odyssey, I visited Radish Underground on my visit to Portland and purchased a gorgeous silver ring by Gowan Metal Custom Jewellery. And every time I looked at this ring I smiled because it reminded me how much fun I had on my trip so it was kind of special. So when it went missing out of my bag one day when I returned home you can imagine I was just a little heart broken. But luckily for me the extremely lovely Gina at Radish is such a star that when I emailed her about my woes she acted as my fairy godmother so to speak and was nice enough to organise for a new one for me. And it arrived today. And I am literally so overjoyed i could do a star jump or 12. 

i thought i would share my joy of unwrapping this little gem :) 

 how lovely is the wrapping ?

and the goooooorgeous ring on my hot little hand :) 

So if ever you are in Portland,stop by and say hi to the lovely Gina because she is a star and her shop is rad. 
thank you so so much Gina!!!