south side adventures

So my friends and family would be the first to tell you that I am a northern suburbs girl through and through. Northcote, Thornbury, Carlton - all my happy places. 

Anything south of the Yarra I have been raised to just not be that into. Mainly because where I grew up is about an hour by car away from the southside. And way longer by transport. And really what is worth travelling that far for and changing trains 3 times for?  Anyway, point is I don't really like going south of the river at all. I've never been to Chadstone. I don't like St Kilda. You get the picture. 

Anyway, today I spent the whole day wandering around the sites south of the Yarra and I actually enjoyed it. 

Yes, I am surprised as you are. I found some cool shops. I had a nice cupcake. I got a cheap vintage dress with love hearts on it. I had a few ciders with an old friend. It was bliss. So maybe I will have to lessen my full on hatred of the south side and start to embrace it. Maybe. And I took a few happy snaps along the way

Signed and numbered - amazing shop selling gorgeous prints by some of my favourite artists

in greville street

see that dress? yeah i bought it too

i may not have shared with you the fact that i LOVE FRECKLES.

I also had to go collect my artwork today from Guildford now that Fully Six exhibition is all done.  This was what my babies looked like in case you didn't get along to see them. More pics and a wee wrap up to come soon. 

So I hope you all had a great weekend too, I have had a truly crap and emotional couple of weeks with someone very close to me passing away, so having a nice weekend spent with friends was pretty amazing.