chaos looks like this

do you like my horsey lamp?everyone thinks its ugly (it kind of is) but I have always loved it. 
 it was my granddad's and now takes pride of place in my studio

before i packaged 300 christmas cards

and what the desk looked like when I had finished the last order - yikes!

So dear friends I have had a rather huge weekend. I am so bad at balancing my real job, truthbetold and seeing my friends and if this weekend has proven anything to me it is that I am tired and need to say no sometimes. 

Not that I am complaining. I had a great time. I caught up with my favourite people. I met some lovely new crafty people at the markets. I saw one of my favourite musicians ever. But more on all of this later. 

The point is there are two things I need to remember : 

1. I have a full time job. 
2. I need to sleep.

So in saying that it is 12:53am so I should actually go to bed, but I just wanted to share some pics of the chaos in my studio at the moment. Might explain why I have been so delirious lately! 

Anyway, this time next week I will be 27 (yay birthday time!). So this week I will be sharing lots of things I love - like a mini birthday blogging festival. I may also be having a giveaway because you should get presents too.