LOVE : the vintage shed

I love sifting through second hand and antique stores looking for little gems. For the last few months I have been looking around for a whole list of goodies and not having much luck finding them in good condition or at a reasonable price. 

So after reading about it here, today I went on a bit of an expedition down the coast to The Vintage Shed in Tyabb. And I am so glad that I did.  

Not only were the ladies simply lovely but the shed is honestly like Aladdin's cave for a vintage lover like myself. I came home with everything I had been looking for at a bargain price (no big city price rise there), plus a few extra goodies I couldn't leave behind. 

Here are a few snaps of some of my bounty - excuse the crap iPhone quality - and I promise to share very soon what all of these goodies will be used for. 

wicker shopping basket 

A shot of one of the stalls at the Vintage Shed - so hard to resist those canisters.

Bargain of the day - I got these chairs for $35 - for both. Oh yeah. 

Some of my finds - lots of crates, amber glass, 1940's artist easel & desk drawers

And the prize find of the day - sky blue 1950's lace garden dress - literally my dream dress - all for $50