Much Love Monday : The Simple Things

I haven't joined in to Much Love Monday over at Anna's blog for a little while because well; I am forgetful. And a little lazy. But seeing that it has been a Long Weekend here in Melbourne I have had the time to sit at the computer for a few hours. 

So even though this post doesn't actual feature a photo of a heart (sorry Anna!) - it does feature 3 things that I heart

1.0 I heart flowers. I especially love them when I get them for no reason at all. 

2.0 I heart book sales like the one at Readings I went to yesterday. I picked up this book Just my Type and as soon as I opened it and saw the Periodic Table of Typefaces I pretty much fell in love.  I might even do a book review about it - good idea or bad? 

And lastly - 3.0 I heart being at home and baking. My sister took this sneaky pic of me baking not 1 but 3 cakes on Thursday night - kind of an insane idea after work! 

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Oh and PS - I missed Film Clip Friday last week which means double the film clip fun this Friday so stay tuned. 

all images by me