Filmclip Friday : You're Always

I can always tell what I have been working on by what music I listen to most. 

Recently I have been working on a few invitation designs for some truly sweet and loved up couples, so my playlist has been featuring lots of lovely, melodic and romantic tunes to get my mind in the right place. 

One of the songs that has been on high rotation is You're Always by Sally Seltmann. I love this song. In fact I love it so much that when I played it for my soon to be married friend as a suggestion for her wedding she cried and did a little star jump. I can't wait to see her and her equally amazing husband to be dancing to this on their wedding day. 

Oh and of course I love the film clip - lots of flowers and generally oozing romance and wistfulness.
Anyway enough gushing from me - just watch it :

You're Always from Sally Seltmann on Vimeo.

Music by Sally Seltmann, produced by Darren Seltmann. 
Clip directed by Kiku Ohe for The Silent Lights