Send Leeloo to Berlin

I am pretty sure that by now everyone knows how much I love the ladies of Leeloo Angela & Renee. They have to be seriously two of the most talented, inspirational and all around ace ladies I have had the pleasure to meet. Plus they are nice and who doesn't like nice people?

Why I am telling you this? Well Renee and Angela are planning on heading over to Berlin for the first Etsy conference and they need a little help to do it. Here are a few dets from the ladies below, and you can help them out over at their pledge site: 

Etsy are holding their first massive conference in Berlin, Germany this September, hello etsy. We'd really like to go, but we need your help.

We have created a project on IndieGoGo which will give you an idea of what we do here at Leeloo, and why we'd really like to be there. Essentially we think it will help us on our mission to support Australian designers and artists by learning from the best of the world's speakers and meeting the people in the know about online design. We can bring back some inspiration and ideas to share with our lovely community when we return and give you updates on the go while we're there. Awesome, right?

How can you help? Well, if you head to our project on IndieGoGo there's a few ways you can help financially, for which you can receive perks including raffle tickets, discounts and artworks by Renee Anne. You can also help by simply spreading the word for us, which is also greatly appreciated.

We'll keep you updated on how we're going, and we're looking forward to bringing you back the best of our knowledge if we get there!

Also they made a cute video to help promote their sweet cause. 

See what I mean about being crazy talented? (I'm dying of jealously pangs right now)

So if you would like to help out head over to the pledge page here: 

Video Credits
Video features :: Angela D'Alton, Renee Anne Baker and Leeloo
Song :: Young Love by Luke Russell
Filmed at Leeloo Studios, May 2011