September 2011

September has gone by quickly. Looking back it was a whirl of work, work and more work. But in the best possible way. I realised again how much I love doing this whole truth.be.told thing. Even when I get stressed and feel like I can't fit in everything I dream of doing with it. So I feel kind of like Spring is a new start personally and for this little place. Time to be focussed and put my dreams first. Oh and time to make more cake obviously. 

Anyway, these are some snapshots from September and the highlights from the month, from top left:

Top row: Wandering my new neighbourhood, baking cakes , visiting favourite childhood places

1st Middle Row: Semi Permanent Melbourne is always like a creative re-boot for me. 2011 was no different, two very inspiring days I will post about soon - two of my favourite speakers Kelly Thompson and Ken Taylor

2nd Middle Row: I am lucky enough to get to work with great people on cool projects and attend lovely markets. 

Bottom Row: Signage, stripes, studio decorating