Likes & loves - a few of my favourite things

There are two things that I know aren't cool to really love. They kind of make it onto my favourite things list - who needs whiskers on kittens or brown paper packages? 

So you might be wondering what they are. 

Number 1. I love giant kitsch things. The Big Pineapple is kind of the coolest in my eyes. Even the Giant Macadamia next door scores points with me. Anything oversized and handmade looking is pretty much going to cause me to smile like a kid in a candy shop. 

Number 2. I love Photoshop. No, not a photo shop - but the Adobe Creative Suite Photoshop. Yeah it is my favourite program. I like to call it P-shop, that's how much I love it. Oh yeah I have a favourite program - yes I am truly that cool. 

And now more than ever I'm sure more importantly you are wondering why I am telling you this.

Well today via Frankie's Facebook page I spied something that brings my two favourite things together - a GIANT handmade version of Photoshop. 

image credit - As real as it gets flickr stream    Check out the flickr stream for more pics of the process. 

agency : Bates141 Jakarta
creative director : Hendra Lesmono
art director : Andreas Junus & Irawandhani Kamarga
copywriter : Darrick Subrata
account executive : Nitya Priyahita
photgrapher : Anton Ismael

Oh yes. That is a giant real life version of Photoshop. Can't think of a better way to celebrate my 500th post!