Etsy Success Sydney

I'm sure anyone who stops by these parts knows that truthbetold is well and truly a solo outfit. And I love it for that reason. But I also equally love working with others and hearing their stories. I always feel recharged and inspired after meeting up with others who also have the same dreams and value creative pursuits in their lives. As sappy as this sounds, for me hearing how others have made their dreams come true is enough to set keep me on the right path.  

Last Saturday was one of those days for me to recharge and inspired. I headed up to Sydney for the day to attend Etsy Success Sydney presented by Etsy as a part of Vivid Sydney program. In a nutshell it was a day of sessions presented by people who are at the top of their game and putting their talents and passion to great use in their own careers or community. 

Staged at the new MCA wing - which by the way has the most amazing view going - the day began with a passionate introduction from the amazing Angela D'Alton who put the whole day together with the help of her team. I have mentioned how much I love this lady before and just being around her is to be inspired because she is one clever and all round kick-ass person. Sappy much? But it's 100% true.  

Anyway - Angela introduced Chad Dickerson - the CEO of Etsy - who unsurprisingly is very inspiring himself. I really took a lot away from Chad's presentation, it reminded me how important it is to make your life into the life you want and that just going ahead and following your own path. 

One thing he said in particular struck a cord with me - 

'Finding your courage is really finding your heart'

It will stay with me for a very long time. 

I also really enjoyed the session presented by the girls from TMOD - and not just because we all got to wear one of their cool party hat cards. They delivered a really fun and insightful look into how they created a successful and fun business. It really reminded me that if you believe in your ideas and be open to changing your direction then you can create something very special. 

Another highlight for me was the last session I attended for the day - where in a nutshell Jo Walker (the editor of Frankie) spoke about DIY PR, and likened editors to monkeys. It was pretty funny and full of incredible information about how to get your goods seen. 

Oh and another highlight - I won this book, took in the view, spent time with some lovely ladies - like Jacinta, Jordan and Renee - and I also ate a whole lot of yummy food - mini burgers really are irresistible hey?

Thank you again to the amazing Etsy team and the gorgeous Aussie community managers Angela and Kirsteene on putting together a super day!