Finders Keepers Melbourne Wrap up

i lucked out once again with having super lovely neighbours from Adelaide, this time it was Marie-Pier of Days of August - if you haven't checked out the amazing jewelery she designs, then you should get right to it and visit her website over here. I was lucky enough to pick up one of the rope necklaces for my birthday and am counting down the days until my sister lets me have it (for the record, it's 24.)

My favourite set up had to be my friend Emma's stall - I mean pegboard, killer styling and of course her absolutely gorgeous illustrations - so lovely! See more of her work over here, and visit her store over here

Another one of my lovely neighbours - Gretel Girl - how great are these cups? Thanks again Traci for letting me use the back of the wall!

Dawn's stall is always the absolute cuteness! I mean - ice cream softies? Gorgeous! See more of her sweetness over on her blog.

I stumbled acrossSydney sider Marina's stall on one of my quick breaks and I am so glad I did. Under her label Marcue, she makes the most gorgeous hand made leather shoes and belts. I literally could have ordered one of every pair but luckily for my bank account (not so much for my wardrobe) I showed a little self control and settled on just one pair -  these gorgeous blue brogues. Oh and a bunch of coloured laces to dress up my other oxfords for spring. Swoon. Visit the store over here.

I always love stopping my So Little Time - Kirtsy & Josh make some of the sweetest accessories going around. I love the hand paint details on each piece. How great are those necklaces? I have my eye on one for Christmas. You can pick up one - or any of the other sweet goods on offer - over in the online store.  Also check out Josh's wallets over at Re-done too - they are made from 100% recycled leather. These guys will also be at Markit in a couple of weeks so stop by and say hi!

So things are (finally) getting back to normal around here and I found my desk unders the many boxes of cards & goodies; so I thought I would take the chance to sort through my photos from Finders Keepers Melbourne and share a few with you. 

As always, I had such a great time at Finders - I love that I get to catch up with a bunch of my market pals and get super creative with my stall set up too. And really, what other chance do I have to stick up paper hearts or butter made of paper?  
Thank you to everyone who stopped by and said hi to us throughout the market - it was amazing to see friends and meet some instagram/twitter pals in real life too. And an extra special thank you to my amazing sister who helped me out throughout the whole market - such a gem!

Also - the store update is still in progress - but will be finsihed this week I promise!