truth be told, we simply love paper. 

Call us nostalgic, but we love that a simple piece of paper in the form of a card, a letter or a hand written recipe can become a treasured keepsake.  

We like to think of our stationery as sweet soon - to - be - keepsakes that will make you want to write sweet cards to your friends, share your favourite recipes, write love letters or give sweet art to brighten their day.

And we hope that our range inspires you to do just that.

Always evolving, the truthbetold stationery range currently includes gift cards, letter sets, note sets, art prints, recipe cards, gift tags and cake pennants.

Our range is proudly designed and made in Melbourne using quality recycled Australian made and FSC/ NCS certified paper and envelopes.For more information about our environmental practices please send us an email.

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