art - broomsticks -princesses

This week I have been taking advantage of still being on holidays from my day job and going and visiting all the places I love but never get to visit because I am at work, at a market or at home making something for one of these (the last two I love especially - I'm not complaining). 

So this week I packed a sketchbook, sunscreen (I am a pale human) and my beloved DSLR and went to Heide to see the Freehand exhibition which was amazingly inspiring. 

I also ventured into the city and visited Campbell Arcade on my way to ACMI for the Dreams Come True exhibition which I loved. I would highly recommend going along if you love all things Disney animation - they had stills and cels from all the 'princess' films and it was fantastic to see the concept layout outs and art work for the films I loved so much as a kid, especially for Sleeping Beauty which is still one of my favourite visual go to sources today.  

All Images by me - 1-7 at Heide  8-11 in Campbell Arcade

Oh and apologies for the image heavy post - I got over excited xx