some peace and quiet...

another day, another million dollars or in my case another million tradies visting out house. but finally only 2 weeks late the kitchen is 80% done which means that i can leave the house + shop, cook real food!, and even get some work done. so here are the latest works i have been doing. i really liked the idea of doing a fully orginal piece but i worked my way up by adapting some of my previous ones and rendering these fully, i really enjoyed it but i'm not 100% sure the results are actually any good!! let me know what you think!

kitty is blue

yellow molly

arabella hearts who?

holly without colour

holly with a blue cap

i'm also hard at work doing more cards and stationery sets to try and get ahead before easter and my graduation! i just finished my architecture degree only to finally realise that i really really don't like architecture and started having serious panic attacks at the idea of being an architect and never getting to do a creative thing again. so now i am working part time and doing my own little business and am totally enjoying that. now if only my family could get the message and stop begging people to hire me when its not what i want! hmm ok enough ranting, its silly

hope you are all enjoying the peace and quiet xx