tuesdays child is full of grace....

well this has been a good day. its finally cooled down, i just got some new honey almond tea and my cards are now in store at the lovely i dream a highway in northcote. its such a great store with truly gorgeous items in ranging from clothes to stationery. its great! and i am SO excited that rhiannon has taken some of the little truth.be.told babies!

so if you are melbourne kid then stop by i dream a highway at 259 High Street Northcote

and i don't know about you but i can't live without music. i am always singing (badly) or have some tunes playing from one of my 3 radios in the studio (sad i know)
so i finally perfected my working playlist and here is a little slice for you :

anyone else but you from juno soundtrack
paperweight by joshua radin
reasons to love you by meiko
ruby by camille
inside + out by feist
i met him on a sunday by laura nyro
have i been a fool by jack penate
first love by adele
valerie by mark ronson
incomplete lullaby by lisa mitchell

and there are so many more!let me know if you have any other good working tunes

enjoy your tuesday xx