i am glad......

what a long week. starting a new job, freezing in the record breaking cold spells each morning and trying to have some time to sink my teeth into a few new fun projects i have on the go. i am still shocked by how little time i now have for anything outside of the work & travel now. but anyway, i'm trying be like pollyanna and be glad about the situation. i mean i will be glad when i get paid & can run down to borders & pick up this book i have been lusting over for quite a while. it is called fashion illustration by fashion designers by laird borrelli & i am literally counting down the days until its mine! i live for this stuff, sad but true. i just always have loved the fashion sketches mainly because i associate them with all things elegant & whimsical.

and while i haven't got a sketch in sight to show you, i am making a tshirt for the madeit tshirt comepettion on the madeit forum. i have been thinking about it for a while but finally worked it out i think. still a little work to do but here is a peek at the two i made, now i just have to pick one. they are kids tshirts so i decided to use mini as my 'm' theme.