one chilly day (actually freezing day)

like i said it was FREEZING and wet & really a quite miserable day today. not the best day to be setting a market stall but yes, that is exactly what i did. i had my last rose street slot for a little while & we were basically washed away. luckily i was inside but we were all very cold!

it was still fun though checking out the lovely wares on offer & chatting with my lovely neighbours hollie & mike from hokey who were sweet enough to lend me some gloves, teach me a new card game & inspire me to try to master knitting again. check out their lovely purses & bags here - you won't be disappointed!!

also i have decided to do a new little thing every week where i introduce one of my ladies to you all. i thought seeing as i kind of have an idea of what these ladies are like in mind when i draw them that maybe i would share these with you all. i'll post a new one ever week & maybe it will keep me going (& fill the tram ride) when i start my new job!

so here is sienna

she loves nothing more than talking to the animals or maybe just her parrot lorrie. sienna also lives for all things 60's (which explains her bee-hive) & secretly moonlights as a go-go dancer.
oh & she always stores a cookie in her bag (along with a mini can of hairspray).
hope you rug up & enjoy the rest of your weekend xx