i wish + wonder

after a series of mild disasters in the last week (the missing ipod, the broken down car & a splitting 2 day headache) i thought maybe i should focus on the things that have made me wish and wonder in the last few days.

FIRSTLY, my little heart went all a-flutter on sunday when i read about the costumes for Wicked in The Age M magazine. i love musicals & the wizard of oz is one of my favourite books so i am really excited to see this,especially because its more closely based on the book but more because of the amazing costumes! seriously, i am blown away by all the shades of green & those sketches are amazing too. it had me wishing + wondering if maybe costume design was my new love
SECONDLY, i saw this photo in frankie & apart from the skateboard swing, i had major hair jealousy moment which had me wondering if i could go red like this? can you actually create that colour?
and LASTLY, i was wondering if maybe this hat from would be something i could knit. i must confess my ability to knit is about as good as my ability to dance on the ceiling so i think maybe there is little hope for me on this one.

ahh i'm off to wish + hope a little more + think about redesigning my banner + dying my hair, what do you think?