lost & found


let me just start with the fact i lost my ipod yesterday. somewhere between the car & my house it has disappeared. i literally turned the house upside down & alas have not found my dear izzy-pop. i listen to that baby everyday for the last 2 years & feel like i have lost my arm. i know it is truly terrible that i am so attached to a material object but i just love my music.

so if you are out there ipod, or find a little black one looking lost & lonely please send her home.

new sounds & scents : chloe (so yummy), sara barielles 'little voice', sunday at devil dirt, basia bulat 'oh my darling'
my pretty new bag by hokey. i love the green fabric!
and last but not least, my sweet mary jane-esque heels by orbit. i love them so much its sort of sad. the wooden heel & cute strap were really too much to resist