i'm a lovegeek

i did an interview for the online zine lovegeek a little while ago and now its all up and ready for sharing with all of you lovelies. i was really excited that mads asked me to be a part of the art school dropouts issue and well lets just say i am in amazing company such as Rebecca Newman, Lia Tsamoglou, Eugenia Lim, Amelia Gregory (of amelias magazine!!!), Shakthi Sivanathan, Pandora Nguyen and Tabitha Emma.
and my sweet arabella is the cover girl so to speak!



intro from lovegeek zine 3 art school dropouts ?
Those were our salad days. Days wasted away drinking red wine, making art, talking politics over lattes, talking debt over centrelink counters. The years before graduation, before the man got us down, before the 'real world' intervened and ruined our collective intention to change the world. But what hope can we offer the fresh faced kids still working their way through The Frankfurt School, Foucault and Truffaut? What advice can we give in order to save them from the horrible fate of self doubt that washes over most young grads?

to read the interview take a looksie over her at lovegeek

and thanks again to mads!