i love some things.... and some i don't

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the very sweet liss over at daydream lily tagged me to
List 10 things I LOVE, 10 things I DON'T LOVE and 5 random things about me.

I LOVE.........
1. getting up early even on my days off
2. spring time
3. coloured pencils

4. drawing
5. bright coloured vases
6. red shoes
7. pretty dresses
8. listening to music all the time
9. my polaroid

10. Reading.

I DON'T LOVE.......
movies with lots of guns (it hurts my head)
public transport in summer
sleeping in

wearing a scarf or any cold weather clothes really
working late
when my car doesn't start (which is all the time)
people who walk really slowly + zig zag when you try to go around them
people who sit right next to you when there are perfectly good empty seats on the tram


i like peonies
i can't stand blank walls at home
i don't like coffee
i bake a mean pavlova
i am a little obsessed with twilight (its sad, i know)

I tag...

vegan & vintage