being 15-esque

i've told you before about how i think i am becoming more like a 15 year old everyday. you know the kind of thing i'm talking about, obsessed with boys, make up and giggling like a schoolgirl etc.  well, being home sick for close on two days has led me to realise my crushes are reaching a ridiculous level of being 15 ( i like to call it being 15-esque). 
so, in the spirit of being less like a fifteen year old (and more like the 25 year old i am)
i'm going to confess:

i heart michael cera 
i can't actually explain it. i think its the nerdy funny sweet thing he has going on. and the smirk. in any case if you have seen nick+ norah or arrested development you will see what i mean. 

and today i found these two funny things with michael cera featuring front and centre. clark & michael is hoolarious to say the least. and paper heart is so sweet i won't be needing any sugar in my tea for a little while if you get what i mean. honestly made my day, i laughed so hard i think i may have hurt my neck even more.