pain in the neck

i twisted yesterday morning and pinched a nevre in my neck. i haven't been able to turn my head or nod for 24 hours now. plus i was told to lay flat for 24 hours. i'm not a person who really likes lazing around in bed, i get very restless. so the only way i have been surviving is thanks to these lovely things:

- nick and norah's infinite playlist - my fave movie (and book)
- cross stitch - i know what a nana
- knowing that if i stay still + get better i will go to see these guys Friday night
- cadbury topdeck chocolate - thanks mum!

anyway, hopefully tomorrow i will be ok so i can go and dance like a crazy girl on Friday and more importantly so I will be ok to go to Sydney and the finders keepers market. 
If you are in Sydney on the 15th and 16th come along to  the carriageworks and visit the Leeloo stall. I'll be helping out on Saturday from 6pm so stop in and say hi.