image by me

: the wackness + flight of the concords season 2 (love those funny fellas)

Reading: actually in between books (any suggestions??) but i am reading diablo cody's book - candy girl again

Listening: paris wells,  adele and ingrid michaelson

Eating: i'm about to go have brunch with my lovely friend jessie at this cool little place

Drinking: irish breakfast tea :)

Wanting: an overseas trip to europe + a bicycle

Trying: to draw some new pieces and plan my little european holiday

i'm pretty excited about maybe going to europe for a few weeks to travel around a little with my super friend beth -- lets all hope the tax man is super dooper nice to me so i can really make it happen! i think it will  only be 3 weeks - any suggestions for must see places. this will be my first ever overseas trip and i am overwhelmed with choice honestly so any ideas would be unreal.