500 days of summer

so i am pretty sure by now that we have all heard that this movie is just going to be the sweetest thing ever. how can it not be? it has zooey. it's a sweet anti rom-com. it has a great soundtrack. it looks like sunshine on film.
i knew i was going to love this movie before i even saw it. i even got the soundtrack about two weeks ago i was that sure. i hadn't watched clips or anything, i just knew. it might have been the sweet sketchy poster but i think it was just the generally sweet and well sunshine like vibe i got from the idea of it.

anyway, i saw it last night with one of my fave people. and it would be fair to say we were both feeling quite gloomy beforehand, work + rainy days will sometimes do that. but after we saw the movie we were both chipper and felt good about the world again. so yes i did love it maybe even more than i expected.

and really, what's not to love?