dear australia post

Dear Australia Post, 

Let me start by saying I understand you have a lot of parcels to deal with. Millions each day.  And its awesome that so many of the parcels you have dropped off in those lovely red boxes manage to be delivered to their destination on time without unnecessary detours, breakage's or just going MIA. Seriously - yay for you. 

But I am over you losing my parcels. This is the 8th one this year. Yep I counted. And I paid extra to send this one super dooper registered express flown by angels style. So to this end I am beginning to take it personally. It is stressing me out not knowing where you have misplaced it. And as lovely as Nick, Steve, Anna + Derek  were on the phone today - the fact you didn't know where my precious parcel containing a rather large order is just isn't good enough. And you didn't seem to particularly care that I really really needed to find it. And I know that is because my parcel is one in a million to you but still. Just give me a break. 

So if you could please find it in your hearts to not lose anymore of my parcels that would be ace. Because my little heart can't take it any more and seeing as you are the only postal service we have - I just want you to do better by me.