i have just realised its almost christmas. i know, I am slow on the uptake this year. but i just don't notice christmas in the same way anymore. Maybe because I am working up until the big day, maybe because i am all grown up and don't feel the same excitement over christmas meaning fun times + also a long summer break. in any case i am trying to get into the spirit however belatedly by making a tree for our little dollhouse tonight. i'm planning on using the bits and pieces left over from making some new drawings like the one above. now i don't normally too over excited when i finish something because i usually have about 13 others in the works. but this one i love. i can't even tell you why. i think maybe its because the end product actually looks like I hoped it would. 

so anyway apart from new drawings i have also been busy making new things for the markets. This Sunday is the last Rose Street Market for the year so come down and get your last minute christmas shopping done. I will have lots of new things and framed art for a steal so come down and say hi!

oh and thank you for the travel ideas - I'm planning on  booking my tickets this week - so scary and exciting!