awards + decision time

ok so first up i recieved this award from sum @ enthusiasm for everything (which I think may be one of the best blog names ever). anyway i have to list 10 things about myself + then send it off to 5 other bloggers. so here it goes:

1. i like wearing ribbons in my hair + i'm 26. i think its ok
2. i have never ever left the country, really want to but am totally overwhelmed by the idea of a holiday
3. i don't like sleeping or resting. i get bored lazing about
4. i wish i could do cartwheels without looking completely uncoordinated
5. i don't drink coffee the grinding sound freaks me out
6. i can't use chopsticks, even the super easy kids ones. this makes the idea of going to asia kind of frightening for me
7. i am obsessed with icy poles. i actually want to eat them for breakfast
8. i don't know what my natural hair colour is anymore, i'm kind of assuming its still mousy
9. my favourite thing to do on a Saturday is get up super early + take pictures in town before everyone is there
10. my favourite book at the moment is alice in wonderland

hopefully that wasn't too boring for you all!

ok so i need some advice, I need a holiday. this is a fact. I am exhausted and want a break. and my bestest friend is going to be in America for 2 months next year + i am planning on going to meet her there to travel for about a month. and the only definite destination i have is new york. so i need your help deciding where to go - i am overwhelemed by my crazy list at the moment so any suggestions of must see locations would be so great (doesn't have to be the big obvious ones!)