truth // there is nothing that a little bit of drawing can't solve

 today hasn't been a great day. i had some sad news that made me just feel listless and without purpose. i even left work early because i was overwhelmed by the need to just go home and crawl into my bed and hide. but i didn't hide, i drew. and these are my new ladies. it felt great to just draw, i haven't been doing too much of it lately with all the late nights at work and all. i love the actual act of drawing and how i can focus on what i am doing. and not think, its kind of peaceful  really. anyway, there is a little way to go with these new ladies but i thought i would share them anyway just in case you forgot (like i had) that i do love drawing. 

oh and i got a little mention here this week, how great were the winners - wow, wish i was that ace!