3 things

1. i wish i could draw all day. i really do. i have a special little something coming up which i will tell you soon - i swear on chocolate mud cake - which has meant i have been drawing a lot and i love it. i think i have said before how I am always shocked by how blissful and genuinely happy a pencil and a piece of paper can make me. i hope the feeling never goes away. 

2. i wish i could drive a lap on top gear. i know, silly wish but i have become inexplicably addicted to top gear. i don't even like cars at all. i just find the british humor soothing. i am getting weirder the older i get. 

3. i will be in NYC in less than 10 days and this makes my head want to explode. i haven't ever been over seas so it is even a little more exciting. but yeah, oh my god. i can't believe it